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Dear Visitor

thanks a lot for visiting our website. Most of our sponsors are living in Germany or Switzerland; therefore kindly understand that our information in English is limited to this page. The effort to maintain the entire website in two languages would be too high compared to the expected number of English speaking visitors.

General information about the organization:

Christustraeger-Waisendienst is a childcare organization and a branch of the Christustraeger-Sisterhood. The CTW is maintaining about 50 projects like children's homes, day care centres and medical centres in Argentina, Bulgaria, India, Indonesia and Pakistan. Around 2000 children are taken care of in our projects. If more details are required please don't hesitate to contact us in English via e-mail or contact (Kontakt) form.

Due to the above mentioned reasons it is not possible to us to provide a donation account in any country. However, if you wish to support our organization by a donation feel free to remit your offering to our bank accounts which are

For any country
Bank: KSK-Esslingen
Bank-Code: 61150020
Bank a/c: 837400
IBAN: DE83611500200000837400

For Switzerland
a/c 80-54726-0
IBAN CH1609000000800547260